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All practitioners are licensed
Are you having legal issues that need to be addressed but you can’t find….

  • Help with legal advice and representation?
  • A trusted, licensed, and vetted legal professional who you can trust with aspects?
  • A legal professional who is available when you need them?

You are not alone…the hassle of finding a legal professional who meets your needs can frustrate you.

Issues with Online Search
The problem is random searches for legal professionals on the internet:

  • Won’t give you someone who matches your needs,
  • Are time-consuming,
  • Makes it impossible to know if they have a valid licence, and
  • Asking someone else for a referral jeopardizes your privacy.

And you know that something needs to change…Welcome to Be Right There!

What is BRT?


We give you exactly who you need to find and engage; qualified, licensed, and vetted professionals matching your needs with ease wherever you are.

Ready to start your journey to legal resolution using BRT as your launch pad?

  • Free user-friendly platform
  • Intuitive users prompts
  • Secure, end-to-end encrypted, messaging for effortless communications 
  • Unique algorithm that matches users with professionals who meet your needs
  • Calibrates a relationship metric allowing the user greater ease in finding professionals with subsequent use

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How BRT Works

This is the only platform that matches your need for a licensed professional with the vetted individual you are looking for. To start using it:

Step 1: Go to the search bar on the BRT platform and search for what you need help with e.g. Small Claims, Divorce, Traffic issues, etcetera.

Step 2: Proceed to filter according to your preferences e.g. Language, Location etcetera.

Step 3: Select the vetted legal professionals you prefer, from the results.

Step 4: Choose your preferred contact method e.g. Email or Call.

Step 5: Receive a call/email/message within 24 hours.

Now more than ever, legal issues need confidentiality and accessibility. That’s why we offer the following:

  1. Identity: Vetted legal professionals’ identity (unlike any existing website)
  2. Licence: Ensure the legal professional is a current licence holder and is allowed to practice
  3. Contact: Provide end-to-end encryption to reduce the dangers of contacting “strangers”
  4. Virtual Meetings: All legal professionals are available to meet clients virtually
  5. Work From Home: Legal professionals are willing to meet (physically or virtually) with client
  6. Convenience: Addresses challenges finding professionals in times of urgent need, such as: while traveling, ‘after hours’, etc.

This is also important to professionals because:

  1. Overhead: Reduce office costs and logistics that eat into profits
  2. Travel: Eliminate gas, parking, and public transit costs
  3. Free Leads: Eliminate time and resources spent on advertising

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Why You Should Use BRT

Our platform is THE ONLY free directory and referral platform that allows legal professionals to connect with your clients and the public with legal professionals. Here is what sets us apart:



Our platform leverages cutting-edge technology that allows you to quickly find a professional matching your selected criteria. Once you select someone, BRT will send an instant notification for them to contact you and get started with communication.


Where You Are

No matter where you are, when a crisis hits, you will need legal representation in your neighbourhood. Our platform connects you with a professional who will come to you virtually or in person, wherever you are.


24/7 Availability

Our platform will enable you to find a professional who is available when you need them (virtually or in person), whether it be Monday to Friday 9-5, or 24/7. There are legal professionals listed who are available whenever you need one.


Access To Verified Professionals

You’ll have access to professionals who are ‘Verified’ for your assurance. Verified practitioners have been vetted, possess a valid licence to practice, and identities validated.


The Right Match For Your Needs

 If gender or language is important for you, filter your search criteria on BRT to find the professional whom you will feel most comfortable with.


Secure Communication

You can communicate directly with the professional of your choosing through BRT’s secure, encrypted messaging.



Our platform allows you to search for someone privately; no need to tell someone your issues so that you can get a referral to whoever they know.


Start Your Search

With a simple click, you can immediately begin to search for legal professionals.

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Testimonials and Reviews

Dawn T

“Hi there, Dawn here. I want to take a minute and appreciate BRT for the platform and linkages with legal professionals. I run a real estate business that normally requires legal representation when selling and purchasing properties for the company.

BRT came in handy because of the ability to find lawyers in every location where our company is doing business. What I love so far is the ability to find trusted professionals who are willing to jump into meetings with me each time I need them. A+++”

Tim M

“I found out about BRT at a graduation party—from a colleague who was admitted to the BAR earlier. This platform allowed me to set a foundation for my career immediately after graduation. I didn’t need to spend a lot on office space or advertisement when I was not sure about getting clients but I used the platform to build my portfolio and climb up the ladder.

So far I’ve worked with 10+ clients using the platform and got some awesome repeat clients as well as other referrals that have enriched my career.

Can’t wait to see what the future looks like with BRT.”

Roy C

“Hey BRT, Roy here once again. I’m super grateful that I found this platform that has been instrumental in running family legal representation here. Before BRT I had a lot of privacy and trust concerns because of the kind of people I could meet online. Today, I can get access to a paralegal wherever I am and can dig down to exactly what I need to solve my issues. So, it’s not just a platform but a community of future-centered folks ready to take you to the next step of legal representation. Thanks a bunch!”

Frequently asked questions

No. The platform gives you free access to our community whether you’re a legal professional looking to connect with clients or someone looking for legal professionals. There are no hidden charges when using the platform.

At the moment, we do not have a dedicated application. However, we strongly recommend using the Signal™ App for communication. It’s a trusted and encrypted platform that ensures your privacy and security.

Verification of identity and license typically takes a reasonable amount of time to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided. The exact timeframe may vary, but rest assured, we prioritize thorough verification.

Please learn more at our professional’s FAQ page

Legal professionals are checked through a comprehensive verification process that includes confirming their identity, licenses, qualifications, and expertise. This rigorous screening ensures that you have access to reliable and qualified professionals.

Legal professionals on our platform undergo a stringent vetting process before joining our network. This process includes verifying their identity, licenses, and qualifications to ensure they meet our high standards of expertise and professionalism.

There is no limit as to the time to use the platform; everyone who is qualified and has undergone our vetting and verification process can use the platform for as long as they remain a licencee in good standing with their governing body. Our goal is to ensure you are available whenever the clients come up looking for you.