About Be Right There

Founder of Be Right There Kathryn

The concept of BeRightThereTM (BRT) was a long time in the making. Come along with me for a look back at our genesis story….

Early in 2019, one day while procrastinating (as usual), I had a vision. I pictured a couple, both working long days at jobs where they get paid by the hour. They have saved enough for their first house and have to sign the closing documents.

But, they have to take unpaid time off from their jobs, to travel (in the snow, uphill both ways!) to a real estate lawyer’s office just to sign papers.

Why do they have to go to the lawyer? Why are there no lawyers who can come to them? With mobile printers and accessible public meeting places surely, there could be a service where lawyers and other professionals can go to the clients.

And so the idea was born; mock-up boards, information flow-charts, computer coding and much, much, more resulted in BRT.

Now, more than ever, accessing some professionals remains challenging for many.

The time has come to not only enable greater access to legal professionals, but also to provide employment opportunities for new grads facing cumbersome financial realities.

BRT’s commitment to excellence starts by vetting the credentials and identity of the professional; one less stress for the client.

BRT may turn a few professions on their heads as they re-examine innovative ways to be of service to others. This model invites professionals to bring their assistance to the clients rather than (sitting in offices) waiting for clients to come to us.

Perhaps this is the expanded definition of “access to justice”.

— Kathryn

Osgoode Hall Law School (2000) [email protected]

How BRT Works

Signing Up

Simply click here or the “Sign Up” link on the home page to start as a legal professional on Be Right There.

Enter your email address and follow the prompts on the page to complete your sign-up.

You can also watch this video to learn how to set up your profile.

Searching For Legal Professionals

Once you are approved, clients will be able to find your profile.

Clients start their search from the home page. They will either type in what they need help with or click on one of the recommended services.

If you provide the service they need, your profile will show up in search results.

Filtering Results

Clients can filter search results to find the best professional fitting their needs.
Filtering can be done based on language, price level, remote availability and more.
If your profile matches the desired attributes, it will be displayed in search results.

Getting In Touch

While viewing your profile, a client can request for you to contact them.
They will choose how they prefer to be contacted (email, text message, phone call) and enter their contact information.
You will then receive an email and a text message containing your client’s contact information and preferred method of communication.