How to Use BRT without the App

No smartphone

Are you trying to find a legal or health care professional and you don’t have a Smartphone?

Or your phone does not have sufficient available space to support the BRT mobile Application (‘the App’)?

No problem. The App is not the only way available to use BRT. You can use BRT from a Personal Computer (PC).

Smartphone as a way to access

A Smartphone is the most common way to access the BRT App.

Nevertheless, we recognise there are many reasons why you may not want, or be able to use the App.

It is still possible for you to access BRT online from any device. Quickly and easily access BRT just like through the BRT App.

Feedback from our customers

Step 1

Go to through an Internet browser, using a phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.
Follow the prompts to find a desired professional from the drop-down menus.

Step 2

See the list of available professionals who meet your criteria. Select the professional you want to contact and click on that name.

Step 3

Input your contact information. The professional will receive a notification and contact you through the means you selected (text/phone or email)